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  • «M. Ouellette m'a été recommandé par une connaissance et j'ai été très satisfaite. À l'écoute de mes besoins et toujours disponible, cet agent hautement qualifié et professionnel a fait de la vente de ma maison une expérience agréable. Je le recommande sans hésitation.
    Merci pour tout,»

    Louisianne L. Bélanger Août 2020

  • «Nous voulons vous remercier pour votre travail avec la vente de notre propriété. Ceci était notre première expérience en tant que vendeur et vous avez rendu la tâche très facile. Les autres courtiers nous avaient dit que la vente pourrait prendre jusqu'à quatre à six mois, mais avec vous cela n’a pris que deux petites semaines. Peu importe l’heure, 5hrs du matin ou 21hrs du soir, vous étiez toujours disponible pour répondre à nos questions. Nous vous remercions énormément. »

    Érik et Marie Lisa Jolin Dunham 23 Juin 2020

  • «I would like to thank Mr. Ouellette for his great professionalism. Thanks to his services and expertise, I was able to sell my house in a few months, in an exceptional context. I greatly appreciated Mr. Ouellette's honesty and the many pieces of advice he gave me throughout the process. I felt very well accompanied. Thank you for everything. Emmanuelle »

    Emmanuelle Corriveau 09 Avril 2020

  • «Following the sale of my property, I am pleased to give you my impressions. I have dealt with several agents in the past. To be frank and honest, I really didn't expect to find someone with this expertise. Mr. Ouellette came to the house as a gentleman, smiling and serious at the same time. He is really to me a professional, honest, devoted man who really gives the right time to his clients. I was far from suspecting all the process I had to do to sell but with Mr. Ouelette everything was clear because during this transaction he accompanied my husband and me. He answered all our questions and concerns simply. In short, I would immediately recommend to anyone, professional or otherwise, Mr. Ouelette.»

    Danielle Bernard et Jean-Marc McKenzie Granby le 14 Mars 2020

  • «Hello, Mr. Ouellette, Thank you very much for your support throughout the sale of our house. You are a competent person whose expertise and vast experience have greatly contributed to making our journey easier from start to finish. Once again, thank you for always being attentive to our expectations. Luis Quilez and Maria Teresa Nalda»

    Luis Quilez et Maria Teresa Nalda Bromont 13 Février 2020

  • «Hello Mr. Ouellette, we would like to thank you. Daniel and I were two laymen in the real estate world. You have helped us from the beginning by sharing your knowledge not only about the real estate market but also and (especially) about everything surrounding the purchase of a home that serves as much more of an advisor than a seller. Mr. Ouellette, you have been listening to our many needs and also to my many fears following a particular situation. You have shown great availability and professionalism by answering my many questions clearly and returning my calls as soon as possible. In short, it was a great pleasure and opportunity to have had you at our side throughout this long and obscure process of buying our home and rest assured that we will recommend you to our families, friends and acquaintances. Thank you again »

    Lisette et Daniel Deslandes Granby

  • «Good morning, Mr. Ouellette, We appreciated the experience you gave us in selling our house. We appreciated the professionalism you brought to the sale of our house throughout the process. Thank you very much.»

    Judy Simoneau et Francis Brien Granby, 8 Novembre 2019

  • «#Awesome bravos! Just when I thought your work had reached perfection#Exceeding Expectations»

    Keith Francis SEO REMAX QC par Linkedin

  • «Mr. Ouellette, thank you for all you have done for me, this wonderful work. I will refer you without constraint to my friends in St-Hubert if anyone ever sells their building because I have nothing but praise for your good service and patience. I know that you were present at every moment, your dedication, your smile, I am grateful and full of gratitude. Happiness and joy, health for you and your family. Thank you!»

    Aline Morency Lalonde Saint-Hubert

  • «Montréal, August 22, 2013 Madam, Sir, This letter confirms that Mr. Robert Ouellette was employed by Samcon Gestion Inc. as Sales Director for the period from October 29, 2012 to August 21, 2013. The roles and responsibilities assigned to Mr. Robert Ouellette, in his previous position, generally consisted of planning, organizing, directing and controlling all of the company's sales activities and developing sales strategies to significantly contribute to the company's growth and success, while ensuring the alignment and effectiveness of its sales teams. In short, we do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Robert Ouellette for any position that meets his professional skills and, above all, for his sense of organization, planning, control and commitment and his availability, on a daily basis, in the performance of his duties. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned. Sincerely. Jocelyne Bellemare Director of Human Resources Samcon Montreal»

    Jocelyne Bellemare 22 Août 2013

  • «In 2006, I was taken to sell my house and condo, the two co-owners with a family member. This one tried to put me in an unfortunate position not wanting to sell. In no time at all, Mr. Robert Ouellette was able to find the right way for me to sell the two buildings without any problems. In less than a week, I had regained my exclusive right of ownership before a notary. Everything was sold in less than three weeks for my house and two months for the condo in peace and serenity. A few weeks later, while leafing through a local newspaper, I noticed that a neighbouring house identical to mine was on sale for $29,000 less than the price I sold. At that moment, I realized the full scope of the transaction. I thank him very much for that. He is an excellent, conscientious, courteous and diplomatic broker. Thank you.»

    Lucie Papayanou

  • «I'm working on a condo project in townhouses in Laval and one afternoon, a young black man comes in and walks around the model house. He comes to see me on the way out and I ask him for his appreciation of the project. He answers me this: Your project is interesting. I have been working as a blue collar worker for several years and I am undecided whether to buy a house or go back to school. I answered him from tact to tact: Go back to school as soon as possible... you will have your house later! He came back to the project about two weeks later without announcing himself and this to tell me that he was finally going back to school... he wanted to say thank you!»

    Robert Ouellette FRI